“Won’t Apologize: A Song for the Sex Worker”

All you theater nerds, listen up!

It’s time to turn this bitch into a musical. I’m thinking a rock opera a lá Hamilton, but with far less clothing.

I’ve been toying with this idea for awhile, but it’s been hard to make time to write songs and come up with a plot.

So, perhaps I’ll be a little more accountable if I blog the creative process as it unfolds. At least, that’s my hope.

With that in mind, here’s my first contribution. It’s a snippet entitled, “Won’t Apologize: A Song for the Sex Worker.”

In this song, the club’s resident sex worker is feeling judged by the main character, whose squeaky clean and privileged background has left little room for growth on such a controversial topic until she’s forced to confront the issue at the club, where it’s everywhere. Needless to say, the sex worker isn’t happy at all about having to defend her job again for the millionth time.

In this song, the sex worker illustrates the difference between who society thinks she is and who she really is by switching the tenor of her voice.

If you’re curious how the song goes, and you see me out in public, and you ask me to perform it for you, I will do it, right there on the spot, because I have no shame.

Won’t Apologize: A Song for the Sex Worker

(Growling): You can’t look me in the eye, bitch

(Sing-song): I know what you see

(Growling): A dirty, nasty ho, bitch

(Sing-song): To the first degree

(Rap): You think I am disgusting and you think I am a whore/Spend my days sucking dick with my knees down in the floor

(Growling): Well, polish up ya halo, bitch, cuz I got news for you

(Sing-song): My job is necessary therapy and it has value

(Rap): My johns are sick, my johns are lonely, they have PTSD/My johns are widowed, sometimes fucked up but they care about me

(Sing-song): So here’s what I’d like to say to you, with all that judgement in your eyes

(Screams): Go suck a donkey dick, bitch, cuz I won’t apologize!

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