So What About that Goddamn Ring?

Last week I posted about a client claiming to be a jeweler from Dubai who tipped me with a ring he said was a 1.5 karat diamond. He then proceeded to sexually assault me so aggressively while I was dancing for him that I wound up with a busted lip.

Soooo . . . was it worth it?

No. The ring turned out to be a cubic zirconia floor sample that’s worth nothing.

While I’m not surprised a man like that turned out to be a liar and a cheat, I’m a little perplexed as to why he felt the need to lie. If he was trying to impress me or convince me to date him, he had to know neither of those things would have happen after the ring didn’t check out. What was the point?

He claimed that the jewelry stored he invested in was Marc Robinson Jewelers near Lakeline Mall. Feel free to keep that in mind next time you’re shopping for fine jewelry or a storefront to showcase your next graffiti masterpiece.

You might think that after encountering shitty guy after shitty guy at this job that I’m growing disillusioned and frustrated with all men in general, but nope. I’m doing my best to resist that temptation because from my dad to my brother to my brother-in-law to my partner to some of my best friends to various other friends, family members and acquaintances, there are a ton of excellent men in my life.

The bad guys just make the good guys seem that much better. If you’ve got a good man in your life, make sure you give him a great big smooch from me today.

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