Tales from Da Club #48

Dagger the Smoking Hot Redhead dyed her hair neon mermaid colors and started dating a former manager. 

“I normally date women,” she told us in the dressing room as we primped and prepped and perfected. “But this guy, damn, he gave me SUCH good dick.”

“Sounds like he had you dickmatized,” giggled another dancer. 

And now I have a new favorite word. Dickmatized.

“He turned out to be such an asshole, though,” Dagger lamented. “I held a knife to his throat the other night. I totally went off on him on the phone the other day, too. Funny thing is though, he actually listened.”

“Do you still like him?” I asked. 

Dagger tilted her head, considering. “Well, I did threaten his life, so yeah, I guess that means I still like him.”

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