Tales from Da Club #30

Things are changing.

The sex industry is changing. 

A sex robot brothel will open in Houston very soon, and it’s only a matter of time before every major city in the US has one as well. It’s too early to tell what kind of impact this will have on the strip club industry, as well as Houston’s rampant prostitution, but I’m not terribly worried yet. The majority of my clients want mental, rather than sexual, intimacy. I doubt the demand for real women will diminish for quite some time.

The thing I despise most about the sex robot industry is that it is inherently sexist. Where are all the male sex robots? I want one!

The club is changing. 

Two of our Top Dawg managers were fired recently without warning. The club also hired a bunch of young, white dancers. There were way too many dancers in the club last Friday, and the Cubans huddled around one table, barely working. I suspect the Cubans attract an “undesirable” clientele of working class Hispanics who drop by the club after work for a few beers and a few dances but don’t spend much money. I suspect, based on a few things Caesar told me before he was fired, that the club is trying to attract a clientele with a higher income bracket, namely rich, old white dudes. If so, it would seem the Cubans are being phased out due to their inability to speak English, therefore failing to appeal to a broader clientele.

Rumor has it that the Cubans come here to the States with the help of a sponsor, or sugar daddy, who pays their way here and takes care of them once they arrive. However, it isn’t clear if they are actually pampered sugar babies or indentured servants, forever in debt to their sponsors. The latter type of relationship isn’t that different from human trafficking. 

I am changing.

One trait the notorious Bellas had in common when they visited last week was a shared loathing of men. 

“Men are incredibly stupid,” they informed me. “They are unbelievably easy to manipulate, and they will believe any lie you tell them.”

I will forever strive to be someone who judges another person based on the content of his/her/their character, but it’s becoming clear that this industry does tend to attract in droves a certain type of man who isn’t at the peak of his intellectual prowess. I am finding myself becoming more and more disdainful of this type every day.

My racist, transphobic client with the world’s cutest cat has become a regular. He is convinced that I am in love with him. When he comes into the club, he insists that I spend all my time with him, but he isn’t willing to pay a lot for it, so I have to get mean when it’s time for me to go make money elsewhere. When he does pay, he spends the entire time telling me what to say to him and asks me every five minutes to tell him how much I love him. If he comes into the club when I’m with another client, and I don’t immediately leave them to rush to his side, he will petulantly stomp out of the club. He is a gigantic baby, and it completely baffles me how he manages to run a very successful landscaping company.

Last night a client came in who became determined to make me cum. He paid for dance after dance and became more and more unwilling to take no for an answer regarding certain things I did NOT want him doing to me. Just to get him out of there, I faked an orgasm. I’m not a pro at this because a) I don’t believe in faking orgasms; and b) I only date talented men. Nevertheless, dude actually believed me. 

I am beginning to understand where The Bellas were coming from, and a small part of me is really sad about that. The majority of me, however, is happily taking their money and snickering behind my fake smile like a mean girl and not feeling badly at all.

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