Tales from Da Club #26

I am your thrill ride into the darkness. I am the breath in your ear, the fingernail down your spine, the smoke that curls around your cigarette.

I am the rainbow swirl in your chocolate ice cream, the cotton candy melting in your mouth. I am the maniacal laughter as the shadows close in, I am the tongue at your throat.

I am the swirl of silks, the brush of a feather, the warmth of fire on a stormy day. I boil your blood with my lips, tame lions with a look; crack the whip, and I will obey.

I am Circus Macabre, now performing onstage at Rick’s Cabaret North and available for your tableside entertainment. Come play with me!

^^THAT is the entertainment brand I’m creating. Fun with a dark side. It needs refinement, but one must start somewhere.

My new Instagram account is https://www.instagram.com/circus_macabre/. I have a bunch of cool stuff planned for it. GET AT ME.

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