Tales from Da Club #9

Oh, look! I inspired a client to base a major life decision on some random chick he met at a strip club! 

Do I win a prize??


In other news, today’s post isn’t so much a tale as it is an update, for those of you who may be curious about such things.

Mr. Foot Fetish made another appearance Friday night. He gave me another foot massage but became really jealous when I spent time with other customers, storming out of the club in a huff when I told him I didn’t have enough time in my schedule to date him.

I’m still a little puzzled as to why men come to clubs where women are paid to be nice to them looking for a real date, but it happens all the time, and they are always very butthurt when you say no.

I’ve started telling them I’ll put them on a waiting list. This seems to soften the blow a little. Apparently customers prefer it when you give them the same kind of treatment they’d receive at a hospital in a socialist country.

Mr. Unsolicited Dick Pic made an appearance on Saturday night and asked why I hadn’t texted him back. I told him I didn’t like receiving unsolicited dick pics. He protested that he was drunk, because that makes it all better! Then he promptly asked if I could find him some coke.

I asked the VIP Manager if he knew where I could find coke. Caesar looked at me through narrowed eyes for a long time while I did my best not to let him see me squirm.

Finally, he answered, “We serve Pepsi.”

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